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Best WordPress Hostings

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that many hosting providers have tariffs optimized for projects on this engine. At the very least, they offer a pre-installed system. You register for the hosting, pay for the tariff, attach the domain in the admin panel, and you are greeted by the installed WordPress environment.

The pre-installed WordPress CMS is handy, but some hosts go further and offer some really useful features. Their WP-optimized plans include premium themes, store-building templates powered by the WooCommerce plugin, and other things that make WordPress website development easier.

Best Web Hosting for WordPress


Bluehost website
Recommended by
Moneyback:30 days
Tariffs:from $2.95/month
Control panel:cPanel
Bonuses:free domain, SSL

Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers in the world, hosting over 2 million WordPress sites. Offers services of virtual, cloud hosting, VPS / VDS, infrastructure rental. BlueHost servers are located in a huge data center in the USA. To increase the productivity and speed of content delivery to users around the world, the hoster uses CloudFlare CDN, which has its own infrastructure in different regions.
Bluehost WordPress hosting benefits:

Official install recommendation from
Install WordPress in 1-click hosting.
Tariffs optimized for WordPress.
High performance.
Competent and efficient support service.
DDoS protection.
30-day money-back guarantee if hosting didn’t fit.

BlueHost is recommended for hosting sites built on CMS WordPress. The hoster offers two lines of tariff plans – regular and professional with additional project management tools. All tariffs provide an infrastructure optimized for WP requirements, providing optimal conditions for the engine to work.


1. WordPress Hosting – the most affordable shared hosting, includes three tariff plans:

Basic (from $ 2.95) – you can create 1 site, 50 GB allocated on disk, no anti-spam tools and no backups.
Plus (from $ 5.45) – unlimited sites and SSD storage, $ 200 for advertising in Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads, 1 Microsoft Office 365 Email Essentials license (free for 30 days).
Choice Plus (from $ 5.45 for the promotion) – includes all the features of the Plus plan + CodeGuard backup service for daily site backups.

All are available for automatic CMS installation, free domain name registration for 1 year and obtaining an SSL certificate.

2. Managed WordPress – a special offer with advanced features, offers users the following features: 100+ premium templates, marketing center, advanced backup tools, protection against malicious files, additional domain security, advanced search. Managed WordPress plans guarantee optimized performance for high site loading speed, and the line includes three service packages:

Build (from $ 9.95)
Grow (from $ 14.95)
Scale (from $ 27.95)

3.eCommerce – a special plan for an online store based on WordPress + WooCommerce, the following plans are available:

Standard (from $ 12.95)
Premium (from $ 24.95)

The special thing about these service packages is that they include a special theme for a WooCommerce store with a showcase to easily present the assortment of products.

4. VPS Hosting is a virtual private server (VPS / VDS) with a given amount of resources: RAM, CPU and disk space, this allows you to increase the stability and performance of the site. In total, 3 configurations are presented, which differ in the number of cores, the amount of space on the server and RAM, as well as the bandwidth. In the maximum configuration of the VPS, 4 processor cores are available, 120 GB on SSD, 8 GB of RAM; the minimum parameters are 2-4 times lower. Prices start at $ 18.99 / month.

5. Dedicated Hosting – a separate physical dedicated server (dedicated server), offers the highest level of resource allocation, security and absolute control. They start at $ 79.99 per month. You get 4 cores, 500GB of storage, and 4GB of RAM. At higher tariffs, the indicators are multiplied by two. The cost of the maximum configuration (4 cores, 1 TB, 16 GB of RAM) starts from $ 119.99 per month.

You can switch between tariffs within the same grid, and between grids – for example, switch from one of the Shared WordPress service packages to the Managed WordPress tariff plan.


DreamHost website
Recommended by
Moneyback:97 days
Tariffs:from $2.59/month
Control panel:own
Bonuses:free domain, SSL

Dreamhost is an American hosting company with data centers in Virginia, California and Oregon. The server is assigned by default based on the user’s location. In the account settings, you can see which data center services you are using, and, if necessary, change it through a request to the support service.
Main advantages:

Support for the network protocol HTTP / 2, which improves the efficiency of data exchange.
Convenient system for creating backups with the ability to recover data from 2 weeks to 1 hour.
Using SSD for data processing.
Built-in constructor for shared hosting plans.
24/7 support.
The provider is also recommended by the WordPress developers (number 2 in the list).

Support specialists are constantly available for communication, but it can take several hours to resolve specific issues. When contacting, you need to take into account the time zones, as well as the fact that the operators speak only English. If your English grammar is lame, it’s okay – they will try to understand you, and they will also help you with screenshots with marks.


There are two tariffs available on shared hosting:

Shared Starter – from $ 2.59;
Shared Unlimited – For $ 3.95 per month.

The key difference is the number of sites you can create. You can add no more than one project to the starter package of services, the number is not limited on the unlimited tariff. CMS WordPress is preinstalled on both plans. In addition, the hosting offers a WP builder with professional templates and a visual editor.

For more loaded projects, Dreamhost has a line of DreamPress tariffs:

The basic service package starts at $ 16.95 per month;
DreamPress Plus – from $ 24.95 per month;
Professional – $ 71.95.

They differ in the amount of disk space, as well as the number of visitors that the site will withstand. DreamPress Basic is suitable for sites with less than 100 thousand monthly visitors; DreamPress Plus – about 300 thousand visitors, and DreamPress Pro – up to 1 million visitors per month.

The hosting has a VPS optimized for WordPress. The cost of the minimum configuration is $ 10 per month. There are also plans from $ 20, $ 40 and $ 80. The number of sites and traffic at all tariffs is unlimited. The difference in price is due to the amount of disk space and RAM: in the minimum configuration, 30 GB and 1 GB of RAM are available, in the maximum – 240 GB and 8 GB of RAM.

For large projects, Dreamhost offers to rent dedicated servers with remote administration. The minimum bundle starts at $ 149 per month. The peculiarity of the tariffs is that you can change the combination of disk space and RAM. The cost depends on what configuration you set when paying for services.


SiteGround website
Recommended by
Servers:USA, UK
Moneyback:30 days
Tariffs:from $3.99/month
Control panel:cPanel
Bonuses:free domain, SSL, CDN

SiteGround is one of the largest hosting providers in the world with its own data centers on different continents. Recommended by experts for creating sites on popular open source CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.
Main advantages:

A wide network of data centers in different countries of North America, Europe and Asia.
Free use of CDN features.
24/7 technical support.
Free SSL encryption.
This is one of the hosting sites recommended by the WordPress developers.

SiteGround uses cutting edge acceleration technologies and also implements proprietary solutions to maintain high levels of performance and smooth operation. Only SSD drives are used for data storage. The hosting has its own caching tool that speeds up the loading of site content. The connection uses the new network protocol HTTP / 2. All this leads to the fact that in independent tests SiteGround shows very good performance results. Uptime is also at a consistently high level of 99.9%.


Shared hosting prices start at $ 4.99 per month. You get 10 GB of disk space and you can create 1 site that will withstand the load of about 10,000 people a month. With increasing cost, all characteristics increase. The limit on the number of projects is set only for the lowest tariff – the rest of the packages allow you to create sites without restrictions.

All shared hosting plans include:

Free website builder.
Free SSL and HTTPS.
Free connection to CDN.
Free email accounts.
Free creation of backups (except for the starting tariff).
24/7 support.

The cost of optimized plans for WordPress is the same as on shared hosting – from $ 4.99, $ 7.99 and $ 14.99 per month depending on the tariff. These packages add free installation and engine updates to the listed services. For online stores created using the WordPress + WooCommerce bundle, similar rates apply.

For high-load projects, SiteGround offers cloud hosting. It has 4 packages of services, cost from $ 100 to $ 400 per month. The price depends on the number of processor cores, the amount of RAM and SSD. The bandwidth on all tariffs is the same – 5 TB. If the presented packages do not suit you, you can order an individual cloud hosting configuration by adjusting the RAM and storage processor metrics.


Moneyback:45 days
Tariffs:from $2.75/month
Control panel:cPanel, Plesk
Bonuses:free domain, SSL

Hostgator is an international site for hosting sites with a representative office in Russia. Offers services of shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server rental. All tariffs are suitable for hosting sites on WordPress, although there are no big words in their descriptions about optimization specifically for this popular CMS.
Main advantages:

High uptime indicators – uptime (99.99% of the tested period).
Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth on shared hosting. There are only load limits, when exceeded, a warning is sent.
Large database of scripts available for automatic installation.
Money back guarantee for unused services within 30 days after payment of the tariff.
Technical support through tickets and by phone. Russian-speaking support specialists are available for communication on weekdays from 9:30 to 18:30 Moscow time.

Hostgator has an inexpensive reseller hosting service. This can be beneficial if you create WordPress sites for your clients and offer them maintenance and support services.

Shared hosting is available in two types – Shared (on Linux) and a special line of Managed WordPress.

First line tariffs:

Hatchling Plan – from $ 2.75 / month. One site, free domain, unlimited disk and traffic, free SSL from Let’s Encrypt and gift certificates for advertising in Google / Microsoft contextual networks.
Baby Plan – from $ 3.5 / month. Any number of sites + all the features of the previous plan.
Business Plan – from $ 5.25 / month. Compared to the Baby plan, it adds a dedicated IP address and a free professional SSL certificate from Positive (with official financial guarantees).

Special rates for WordPress:

Starter – from $ 5.95 / month. One site, guaranteed work with traffic up to 100 thousand visits per month. Free backups up to 1 GB, free transfer, unlimited traffic, access to hundreds of premium themes, advanced security (virus protection, code monitoring, etc.) and dedicated technical support.
Standard – from $ 7.95 / month. By analogy with the previous tariff, but designed for 2 sites, 2 GB of backups and 200 thousand visitors per month.
Business – from $ 9.95 / month. 3 sites, 3 GB of backups, 300 thousand visitors.

Prices are indicated only for the first purchase of the tariff. If you renew your subscription for any period, you will have to pay the full price for each month.

Virtual Private Server starts at $ 19.95 per month. For renting a physical server, depending on its configuration, you will pay from 89.98 to 139.99 USD per month.

Dedicated server prices are high, but such solutions are required for very large projects. In most cases, for the stable operation of WordPress sites, there are enough shared hosting resources. If you need access to configuration settings, then webmasters choose VPS.

Reseller hosting costs from 19.95 USD per month. For this money, you get 60 GB of disk space and 600 GB of traffic. The number of sites is not limited.


Moneyback:30 days
Tariffs:from $5.99/month
Control panel:cPanel
Bonuses:free domain, SSL

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain name registrars in the US and in the world, and is also a universal hosting service with affordable prices. The company is actively growing and expanding its markets of presence; as part of the expansion, offices have already been opened in Europe and Asia. To understand the scale of GoDaddy – the provider serves over 48 million customers. In addition to classic shared hosting, GoDaddy offers Managed WordPress services. At the moment, it is almost the only company with such services that provides technical support in Russian. A nice bonus is payment in rubles.
Main advantages:

A major world-class provider.
Adequate prices for hosting services.
Russian-language technical support by phone.
Installing CMS in one click from the hosting panel.
Data centers in different parts of the world, to speed up loading in local regions there is a CDN.
Flexible setting of tariffs as needed.
Special rates for WordPress.
Separate maintenance services for WordPress sites (even if the sites themselves are hosted by another provider).

But when working with GoDaddy, keep in mind that this provider does not have support for automatic free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. To upgrade to the HTTPS version, you will be prompted to purchase an SSL certificate from GoDaddy (free in some plans).


The standard line of tariffs for shared hosting starts at 149 rubles / month. In the minimum tariff, you can place no more than 1 site and 1 database, disk space – 30 GB, traffic will be unlimited. The next tariff “Economy” (from 299 rubles / month) is also designed for 1 site, but here the disk (100 GB) and the number of databases (up to 10 pieces) are significantly increased. In the “Lux” tariff (from 399 rubles / month) you can place any number of sites, up to 25 databases, disk space is not limited. The “Optimal” tariff is designed for sites with a large number of visitors, the processor is 2 times more powerful, a free SSL certificate is provided, the cost is from 599 rubles / month.

Special rates for WordPress (managed hosting):

“Basic” – from 279 rubles / month. Designed for traffic within 25 thousand users per month. Up to 30 GB disk space, 1 site, automatic backups and virus protection. Free domain and certificate for a year.
“Lux” – from 349 rubles / month. Up to 100 thousand visitors per month, 75 GB of disk space, an SEO tool and an automatic duplicate of the site are added in case of problems during editing.
“Optimal” – from 649 rubles / month. Any number of visitors, unlimited storage, hacking protection service is added.
“Electronic commerce” – from 1029 rubles / month. Everything is as in the “Optimal” plan, plus automatic installation and updating of the store module on WooCommerce with premium features and access to premium add-ons for it.

Special rates for business start at RUB 1139 / month.

VPS based on Virtuozzo virtualization – from RUB 319 / month. Rent of dedicated servers – from 8319 rubles / month.


Moneyback:30 days
Tariffs:from $2.95/month
Control panel:cPanel
Bonuses:free domain, SSL, CDN

GreenGeeks offers Shared, Reseller, VPS, and WordPress Hosting. Data centers located in Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, Montreal and Amsterdam. GreenGeeks is the industry’s leading eco-friendly green web hosting provider putting back 3 times the power it consumes into the grid in the form of renewable energy and plant one tree for every hosting account provisioned.

WordPress Hosting plans starting from $2.95 per month.

  • Lite (from $2.95/month) – suitable for those just getting started or those with personal websites.
  • Pro (from $5.95/month) – suitable for those who want to host multiple websites & require more speed. Includes WordPress Repair Tool.
  • Premium (from $10.95/month) – suitable for those with online stores or busy websites. Includes Free Dedicated IP, AlphaSSL and Object Caching (Memcached).

Also provides hosting plans for WooCommerce-based stores. Prices the same.


  • Eco-friendly;
  • Choice of 5 locations in North America and Europe;
  • Ultra-optimized web (LiteSpeed) & database servers (MariaDB) allow for blazing fast data read/write, serving pages up to 50 times faster;
  • Free CDN powered by CloudFlare;
  • Real-time malware scanning and pro-active monitoring of all critical services;
  • Expert 24/7 support by chat, ticket or phone;
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting
Servers:USA, Netherlands, Singapore
Money-back:30 days
Tariffs:from $2.99/month
Control panel:cPanel
Bonuses:free SSL

A2 Hosting offers services in data centers located in Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam and Singapore. Servers are expertly tuned by team of A2 engineers and monitored 24/7/365.

A2 Hosting Shared Web Hosting plans starts from $2.99. Except for the Shared Web Hosting, A2 also offers Managed WordPress Hosting which gives you the power of a Turbo Shared Web Hosting plan with additional tools & support to keep your server and WordPress website up-to-date and secure.

  • Startup (from $2.99/month) is good for a single site.
  • Drive (from $5.99/month) – Unlimited Websites & 2X Resources.
  • Turbo Boost (from $6.99/month) – Unlimited NVMe Storage and Turbo servers (Up To 20X Faster). Most popular plan.
  • Turbo Max (from $12.99/month) – fastest shared hosting plan, 5X More Resources.


  • Server location options in USA, Europe and Asia.
  • Up to 4 Gb of Physical Memory.
  • Pre-Optimized Litespeed Servers
  • Unlimited NVMe storage.
  • Up to 20X faster turbo servers (AMD EPYC CPU, NVMe drives, APC/OPcache).
  • Free website builder to create a new custom site.
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment.
  • Free Account Migration.
  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Free site migration.


Moneyback:30 days
Tariffs:from $1.99/month
Control panel:cPanel
Bonuses:free domain, SSL

iPage – hosting company which is powering over 1 million websites since 1998. It offers one shared hosting plan Go and two WordPress plans.


  • Go Plan (starting at $1.99/month) is perfect for a small business, blog and personal website. It includes unlimeted sites and disk space, free website builder, SSL certificate and domain for 1 year.
  • WP Starter (starting at $3.75/month) is ideal for a small website or blog.
  • WP Essential (starting at $6.95/month) allows to publish unlimeted websites, provides automatic malware removal and SiteLock professional security.


  • Works since since 1998.
  • Unlimited disk space on all plans.
  • Search engine ad credits.
  • $200 worth of ad credits on Google, Bing and other search engines.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Free iPage Website Builder allows to create mobile-friendly website in seconds—no coding required.
  • Email virus checking.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Servers:USA, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia, Singapore
Moneyback:free 7 days trial
Tariffs:from $3/month
Control panel:cPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager
Bonuses:free domain, SSL

Fozzy is a hosting provider, founded in 2012 in Delaware, USA. It is a part of international XBT Holding, which consists of an ICANN accredited domain registrar (Panananames) and a data-center with staff engineers (

Shared hosting plans of Fozzy are powerful like a virtual servers (VPS/VDS). Each account has 1-4 Gb of RAM and up to 2100 CPU time (process time).

Shared hosting plans starting from $3 per month.

  • Static Site won’t fit WordPress (PHP & DB are not supported).
  • Fast Website ($4.97/month) allows you to host one website. It provides 7 Gb of disk space.
  • 5 Fast Websites ($6.22/month) supports up to 5 domains and 5 databases on 10 Gb of SDD.
  • 100 Sites ($14.99/month) – 70 Gb SSD, 100 websites, 100 databases.


  • Cheap domain names registration with vast selection of 400+ different domain zones.
  • Fair and transparent prices (renewal price is the same as the registration cost).
  • Fast web server LiteSpeed (faster than Apache and allows LSAPI mode for PHP).
  • Free SSL certificates for all websites.
  • Fine-tuned settings for PHP and OPcache+APCu provide up to 7x faster loading for sites.
  • The Patchman software installed on shared hosting finds vulnerabilities in plugins and CMS and patches them automatically, removes malicious codes and malware from useful files.
  • Daily backup with 7 last copies.
  • Locations around the world.
  • Free 7 days trial.
  • The latest and most powerful servers from Dell.

WP Engine

WP Engine
Moneyback:60 days
Tariffs:from $25/month
Control panel:own
Bonuses:free domain, SSL, CDN

WP Engine is a serious American startup that focuses solely on providing managed WordPress services. It will not work here to rent servers (virtual or dedicated), you cannot install alternative CMS, only WordPress. On the other hand, the platform provides a huge list of various auxiliary capabilities: ranging from a smart solution for centralized management of plugins (Smart Plugin Manager) and ending with ready-made configurations for organizing Headless WordPress. Yes, this is one of the most expensive hosting services compared to shared providers, but here you don’t have to think about moving to scale, work updates, versioning changes, site security, etc. All this is included in the tariffs.
Main advantages:

WP Engine is hosting the largest data centers in Europe, USA and Asia. These are the data centers of Google, Amazon and other IT giants.
All plans include free SSL, CDN, SSH access, GIT storages and automatic backups.
For better account security, two-factor authentication is used.
Advanced methods of caching code and detecting threats (viruses, unauthorized code changes, etc.) are used.
Customers get access to ready-made premium themes (from StudioPress) and can also include access to a professional theme editor (Genesis Pro) in the subscription.
The platform itself monitors engine updates, there is a special solution for centralized management of plugins.

WP Engine technical support is available around the clock (in the starting rate – only in chat, in the rest – in chat and by phone). But technical support only understands English. All documentation on the platform and on the engine (and there is a lot of it for all occasions) is also only in English.

The minimum STARTUP tariff – from $ 22.5 / month, includes almost all the key features of the platform, is designed for attendance up to 25 thousand users. Only 1 site, 10 GB on disk, network traffic – up to 50 GB / month.

PROFESSIONAL – from $ 44.25 / month, up to 3 sites (approximately 75 thousand visitors per month), up to 15 GB of disk space, traffic – up to 125 GB / month.

GROWTH – from $ 86.25 / month, up to 10 sites (approximately 100 thousand visitors per month), up to 20 GB of disk space, traffic – up to 200 GB / month.

SCALE – from $ 217.5 / month, up to 30 sites (approximately 400 thousand visitors per month), up to 50 GB of disk space, traffic – up to 500 GB / month.

Special rates for commerce – from $ 56.25 / month.

Which hosting to choose for WordPress

Almost any hosting with PHP and MySQL support is suitable for creating a website on WordPress. Such an abundance of options often makes it very difficult to choose the best hosting. To avoid getting confused by all of these suggestions for creating a productive WordPress site, follow our tips:

See hosting sites recommended for use with WordPress CMS and offering special pricing plans for popular engines.
Choose a hosting with an eye to the audience from which region the site will work. The closer the servers are to the users, the higher the page load speed and the better the behavioral indicators.
Pay attention to the company that offers hosting services: where are its offices and data centers located, what reviews are left by other users.
Explore all the plans to choose the right service package and understand the maximum hosting functionality. If the project develops successfully, it is advisable to have a supply of resources on the same site, and not to move to another hosting, because the previous one has ceased to cope with the load.
See what additional features the hoster offers. These can be marketing tools, using a CDN to deliver content to site visitors faster, free premium themes, etc.

To narrow your search, study the hosting ratings and be sure to use the free trial period – this will help you get a more or less realistic idea of ​​the hosting capabilities and assess its compliance with WordPress requirements.

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is the undisputed world leader among CMS, covering over 17 million sites. It attracts with the simplicity of the interface, understandable even for a beginner who wants to create his own blog. The range of application of the system, however, is much wider: it is used to create online stores, entertainment sites, news portals and personal Internet pages.

Easy to use
Manage the site yourself – creating, editing and updating does not require programming. The interface and all documentation have been translated into Russian.

No additional costs
CMS WordPress is distributed free of charge. Create websites for any purpose, including commercial.

Suitable for any project
Thousands of design templates and extensions for any task. Everything to create a full-fledged website – from a blog to an online store.

SEO optimization
All WordPress sites are optimized for search engine indexing. The site is immediately ready for promotion.

WordPress hosting requirements

PHP version 7.4 or greater.
MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.1 or greater.
HTTPS (SSL) support.
Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module.

Types of WordPress hosting


We recommend that you immediately abandon the free hosting option, as:
it provides the user with only a small portion of the server space;
requires the placement of a large number of advertisements from the provider;
allocates few resources (disk space, memory, etc.) and therefore for the normal operation of the site you will have to pay extra for additional options;
if the offer for free hosting came from a large hosting provider, then there is a possibility that this is just a marketing ploy, and subsequently you will be forced to switch to a paid plan, which will cost much more than regular virtual WordPress hosting;
on some free hosting services it is impossible to connect a free SSL certificate;
often free hosting charges a backup fee;
if the site gains popularity and starts consuming a large amount of resources, the provider can simply delete it without warning, and all site data will be lost.

Shared hosting, VPS / VDS and dedicated server

CMS WordPress can be installed on any type of hosting, and, as a rule, it can be done in a couple of clicks from the hosting control panel. When choosing a hosting, follow the basic rules:
virtual hosting is used for small sites with a traffic of up to 2500 people per day and is suitable for novice bloggers and small businesses;
the site is transferred to the VPS / VDS when the business is “strong” and the daily traffic to the site reaches about 3000 – 5000 people;
a dedicated server is suitable for very large sites, the traffic of which exceeds 10,000 people per day.

Specialized WordPress hosting

Due to the popularity of CMS WordPress, hosting providers have started to offer users a dedicated managed hosting service for this engine. Specialized WordPress hosting is designed to host a website on this CMS. Advantages:
hosting for WordPress optimizes the site on this engine;
regularly backs up the site;
provides security;
checks all plugins and informs in time if any of them has a negative impact on the site, for example, slows down its work.

Specialized WordPress hosting costs a little more than regular shared hosting plans, but the quality justifies the price. This type of hosting is perfect for users who do not know how to customize the work of sites on their own, because the hosting provider takes care of all the technical aspects.

How to choose hosting for WordPress

In fact, choosing a hosting for a WordPress site is not that difficult. Almost every hosting with full support for the PHP programming language and MySQL database is suitable for this system. Due to the large number of options, there are problems with the choice. As the main recommendations for choosing the right hosting for WordPress, we will highlight the following:
1. System requirements.
2. Availability of services for automatic creation of backups and their restoration if necessary.
3. Resistance during sudden loads. Hosters impose restrictions on the use of resources. During sudden loads, the limit can be exceeded, and you need to understand what the hoster does in this case. Some hosters automatically raise the limits and send you an alert asking you to deal with the situation or upgrade to a more powerful tariff plan. But in most cases, your site will be offline until the load is reduced to the limits of the tariff plan. This is an important question to check with the company you have chosen.
4. Availability of antivirus service. This will make your site more secure to use. Protects against the risks of burglary and damage.
5. Features of the control panel. A modern control panel should include:
domain settings;
PHP settings;
file manager;
backup and recovery system;
database manager;
mail client settings.
The presence of a convenient and intuitive control panel will make the process of administering your site better and simpler.
6. Geographic location. It is better to host the site on servers located closer to the end user. So, if the site is designed for users from Ukraine, then you should choose a hoster whose data centers are located in Ukraine. This will reduce the delay in loading the site.
7. Technical support. The service must be available 24/7. The more communication channels for technical support, the better. All information can be checked with the hoster.
8. Reputation. It is worth using search engines to read reviews. Also, reviews can be on the website of the company itself.
9. Scalability. WordPress is a universal system that is easily scalable; you can easily create an online store on it. But keep in mind that a large online store on such a CMS will consume a lot of resources. Therefore, choose a hosting that allows you to expand the server’s capabilities as needed.


How to install CMS on WordPress hosting?
Choosing a hosting provider from our list of WordPress hosting – you will not need to waste time installing the CMS yourself
Can I host another CMS?
Of course, on any of the offered hosting you can install another CMS, for example Joomla or Bitrix. But, then, it is better to pay attention to specialized hosting.
How to buy WordPress hosting?
You can buy hosting with WordPress in the same way as any other: there are no special requirements for it, and it is automatically added to the control panel. You can choose even the cheapest plan, but make sure that it has CMS support and that you have enough disk space to host your files.
How is WordPress hosting different from regular shared hosting?
In fact, this is the usual virtual hosting with all the standard characteristics: support for MySQL databases and PHP, Perl and Python programming languages. All our plans with CMS are optimized for WordPress, so you can safely choose the option that suits you. You don’t need to waste time installing and configuring WP. Everything is done automatically
Can I test hosting for free?
Yes, you can choose any shared hosting plan on Linux OS and test it for free for 14 days.
Do I need to install WP myself?
WordPress is available for installation when ordering any virtual hosting plan with CMS support. You can install it immediately after purchase through the control panel.
Are there any ready-made website templates available?
Yes, during WordPress installation you can choose one of the themes and then change it to your liking.
How much does WordPress hosting cost?
The WordPress platform itself is free. The peculiarity of GoDaddy WordPress hosting is that we take care of all the management. We perform the initial setup of the website and then ensure that it runs smoothly and quickly and that updates are installed on time. Check out WordPress hosting plans and pricing above.
How to get started after purchasing WordPress hosting?
Not sure how to create a blog or website using WordPress? Do not worry. By purchasing a hosting plan, you get access to the latest version of WordPress. All you need to do is sign in to your account. You will be taken directly to the dashboard where you can start working on your website.

* The introductory prices are for the first term of service only and automatically renew at the regular rate.

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